Mobile Texting

This is New and it is Huge! Everyone is doing it and now LeadBoxTexting makes it easy and efficient for you to do it too. Collect cell phone contacts, send text messages and appointment reminders. Create a mobile coupon and text it to your prospects, announce  your amended business hours during winter storms. This web based easy to use program does it all. The bonus-use it on all your advertising materials, not just your lead boxes. We create several displays to maximize your opportunity to collect leads instantly and easily.
Mobile Phone Statistics and Facts
  • 250+Million Americans carry mobile phone -80% if the nations population.
  • Between the ages if 12-45 will send 60% or more text messages than make voice calls.
  • While 65% of emails is spam, less than 10% of SMS text messages is spam.
  • Text messaging in the US hits 4.3 billion SMS every day.
  • 975 million mobile web users expected by 2012.
  • Americans spend more than 4.5 hours per month browsing on smartphones.
  • Mobile phone to over take PCs for web surfing by 2013.
  • Over 95% of text messages are open.
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