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Posted by Mark Bierotte on 1/30/2018 to Marketing Ideas
Benefits of Sidewalk Signs
Outdoor sidewalk signs offer several benefits to small business owners looking to advertise their products or services. Putting a sign out on the sidewalk can get people to walk in off the street by attracting impulse buyers. A sidewalk sign that is easily visible to passersby can be a practical and affordable investment for even the smallest of businesses. Most sign companies offer sidewalk signs to fit any budget.

Attract Attention

According to The New York State Small Business Development Center, studies show that businesses that use signage purposefully placed outside on the premises, increase their sales and profitability.Use your sidewalk sign to tell people what they will find if they come inside. Make a good first impression by keeping the messages you post straightforward and to the point. Your message will be more readable if you leave some blank space around the text. Adding a border around the message is another way to help people passing by your business to read your sign faster.

Multiple Designs
A sidewalk sign with changeable lettering allows a business to change the message on the sign. If this particular type of sidewalk sign doesn’t work for you, other sign designs include white or black marker boards and poster frames. Whether you want to let potential customers know that you are lowering prices or offering a special deal, sidewalk signs allow you to change the message as often as you need. In addition, many styles of sidewalk signs are double-sided, giving your business exposure from two directions.
Sidewalk signs are constructed from durable, waterproof materials that hold up under all kinds of weather conditions. Signs made from high grade, fade-resistant plastics can last for years. Some models are designed so that you can add sand or water to the base to allow the sign to withstand wind. Most signs require little maintenance and fold flat for storage when not in use. Generally, sidewalk signs are lightweight, making them easy to move around or transport to other locations. You can even move the sign indoors. Available in a variety of styles, many A-frame signs are designed with a handle at the top for easy carrying.

Inexpensive Advertising
A sidewalk sign lets the public know your business is there and often draws people who normally would not come in. After investing the initial cost of the sign, which can be as little as $100, this simple yet effective marketing strategy offers small businesses inexpensive commercial advertising. You only pay for the sign once, yet it continues to advertise for you each time you display it. Design your message so that it's easily readable. Effective advertising takes into account letter size, spacing and colors. Proper use of color, contrast and white space will allow people to read your sign faster. Avoid cluttering your sign with words. Use contrasting color combinations rather than similar colors to increase visibility and attract attention to your key message.

written by: Amber Keefer Chron small business

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