Marketing Tips

Posted by Mark Bierotte on 7/31/2014 to Marketing Ideas

Marketing Tips for Any Business

1.       Be Consistent – Don’t drop out of the community or public eye for extended periods of time. Consider smaller less expensive ads in newspaper, radio, and other print, more often rather than larger more costly ones. By being consistent, you will become more familiar in the community. Familiarity will then lead to confidence in the consumer. And Confidence in the consumer should lead to more sales.

2.       Use an Assortment of Marketing Tools – The wider the assortment be wider your reach into your community. Also, marketing does not end with the sale. Use follow up marketing tools to existing clients, customers, members. It costs 6 times more to sell a product or service to a new consumer than to an existing one.

3.       Amaze – Easier said than done, but try to stand out from your competitors. Differentiate your business so the consumer think they are making a better choice by purchasing from  your company.

4.       Involve – Get involved within the community you serve. Host or sponsor a 5k race. There are Family Markets or Street Fairs you can attend, Concerts in the Park. Make your business part of the community. Also, once again, don’t forget your existing clients and customers. Send out special offers to them.

5.       Commit – This is probably the most important. Just because part A of your marketing campaign did not achieve the results you were hoping for, doesn’t mean you give up. Continue with the plan. If you consider the alternative, “doing nothing” rarely gets better results than doing something.

6.       Be Patient – This goes hand in hand with tip 5. Set aside a monthly budget and use it. Many times, the first expense to be cut when business is down is the marketing. But also, just because sales may be up, is no reason to cut the budget as well. As the old saying goes, “market or die”.

So when developing your next marketing strategy, consider these basic tips. Don’t forget to measure the success of each campaign. This is often neglected. Does your marketing piece have a way of being tracked? If not, add a coupon code or use a QR Code to be able to track incoming inquiries. Lead Boxes work great as tracking is built in.

A new strategy is to apply a Texting Campaign. These campaigns work great for collecting leads and also following up with both your existing customers and new prospects. We have a Text to Win Mobile Scratcher-this unique feature is just like a scratch and win lottery ticket, but delivered to the user’s smart phone. The user actually scratches on their phone to reveal a prize.

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