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Mobile Scratcher Texting Program
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Our Mobile Scratcher Texting Program comes with a "Textpert". This is an actual person who will manage and help with setting up your promotions and campaigns. We have worked hard to create the Mobile Scratcher, a scratch n win lottery type ticket delivered direct to a users cell phone. As this Scratcher is delivered, the user's cell number is automatically captured into your database. Scratcher Prizes are determined by you and winning percentages can be customized. The user actually scratches right on their phone to reveal their prize.
This Texting Program allows clubs to take advantage of today's most popular form
of communication which is Text Messaging. We create automated
text messaging solutions so clubs can; Generate Leads, Streamline Club
Operations and Better Communicate with their audience.

The Program may end up saving you money! We can integrate with your billing company to automatically send out a text message if a credit card payment is declined. The response rate in this scenario is much easier and faster than any other system you have been using in the past. Just this simple feature could save you hundreds of dollars each month in lost revenue.

The Basic Package includes, 3000 text credit per month and 2 keywords.
The best feature of our this Texting Package is that we include a service rep"Textpert" to assist you with your entire program. This person will personally manage all your campaigns and promotions, free up your time to do other important things.

To see how this works, send a text to 87365 with the keyword atf. You can also email [email protected] with the subject Scratcher If you would like to get more information. Also, please call us at (800)353-6612(800)353-6612 FREE

Monthly cost is $99. *No Contract*

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