Leadbox iphone app

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Leadbox iPhone App
The simple solution to keeping track of where all your marketing items are placed. This App will allow a user to automatically track online where their lead boxes, take ones, brochure holders, etc are placed, when they were checked and how many leads came out each time. 

 • No more misplaced boxes - track all your lead boxes by scanning them on your iphone

• Log in with a user name and view your boxes online. Now you can easily see via google maps where each box has been placed.

You can also view the track record of each box. How many leads each box is pulling in and when it was last checked.

There is a feature to take a picture of the store location - both and inside picture of where you marketing item is placed and an outside picture so the store is easily recognized.

Record notes about the location. Who you have spoken to, What the promotion is on the box, etc.
This App will save you a ton of time and virtually eliminate lost boxes due to the staff not recording where the boxes are placed.


1. Add app to your cart.
2. Go to iphone app store and search for lead box. Its free to download.
3. After purchasing iphone app through our website, we will set you with a site admin and email you a user name and password. Allow 1 business day before receiving log in information.
4. To create barcodes for free, go to http://www.barcodesinc.com/generator/index.php

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