Getting Your Leads

Posted by Mark Bierotte on 8/1/2013 to Ballot Box

Getting your leads

First- understand that There is NOT one Source or Method that will generate all the leads you will need to maintain a proper membership growth tract. You should rely on several methods or campaigns. Such as direct mail, lead boxes, community outreach/sponsorships, door hangers, social media

Member referrals-is great, but when and how do you ask them?

Blanket them- have a member referral box in your club Note: you should also have a similar box for personal training leads. Don’t keep the boxes out all the time, instead create special promotions and put the box out for a month and then put it away for 2-3 months.


Use your members to put a lead box in their office in the break room. Or some may have their own business and they can put it in their store location. Perhaps they have a friend or neighbor willing to put a lead box in their store. In any case, use your members to help you attract new members. With a lead box, the referral doesn’t have to be a friend, it can be anyone.


New Product/business promotion

One of the new marketing campaigns is partnering with a business to cross promote. Lead boxes have always been a staple marketing product and a great way to cross promote with a business.  But let’s look at some new ideas.