5 Ways to Convert More Leads

Posted by ENTREPRENEURIAL COACH on 9/27/2017 to Marketing Ideas
5 tips you can implement today that will help you convert more leads each and every month, resulting in more money for your business!

A 10 Step Lead Box System For Gyms and Personal Training Studios

Posted by Joshua Fleming on 8/10/2017 to Marketing Ideas
How to increase your memberships for a very low cost. Effective way for health clubs, martial art studios and chiropractors to increase their cliental for less than $300.

Lead Boxes Can Work Well

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Lead Boxes Can Work Well
If you have been in sales and marketing for an extended period of time, you will know that Lead Boxes were once the most commonly used source of lead generation. 10-15 years later, lead boxes can still be a productive source of good leads for businesses.

Approaching Prospects

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Approaching Prospects at Events
As we roll into Spring, many of you will have shows, events, and conferences scheduled to market your business. There are also Community Meetings, Rotary Club Meetings, Chamber of Commerce Mixers, and more. The challenge becomes approaching people at these functions.

Using ballot boxes to uncover a million dollar idea

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Ballot box tips including QR codes and mobile texting to uncover a million dollar idea

Your Marketing Needs a Plan

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Plan 12 Marketing Campaigns for 2016
The best gift you can give your business this year is a 12-month plan. Stay focused on a goal and theme each month. Planning in 12 is a lot easier than taking it day by day and winging it. 

Pro Active Markeiting

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Pro Active Marketing Jason Linse

You can either be a proactive marketer or a reactive marketer. Being reactive means waiting until a competitor does something, like a mass mailing, and then using that as motivation to do some of your own advertising.

You don’t want to be that gym.

Are Lead Boxes Dead?

Posted by Mark Bierotte on 7/17/2015 to Marketing Ideas
Are Lead Boxes Dead?
This article is taken from Club Solutions Magazine, a leading Fitness Industry Magazine.
Lead Boxes once the king of Marketing in the Fitness Industry, should still be a vital tool in your marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Hook Customers

Posted by Mark Bierotte on 6/4/2015 to Marketing Ideas
If you want to Hook More Customers, You Have to Follow What the Large Chains Do. Follow these 4 Tips that are staples of the fast food industry to capture more customers.

Tips to Help Your Contest Lead Box Program

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Tips to Help Your Contest Lead Box Program
5 Tips to Help with Your Lead Box Program
Lead Boxes are a staple marketing product of Shane Lawrence, a master marketing consultant who specializes in turning around ailing health clubs. Shane Lawrence, is a master at increasing new memberships at clubs that have been open for years. One of his first pieces of business is to set up a lead box program to generate new leads. At every club his lead box programs work, even when the existing ownership was truly convinced that they were a waste of time. Here are 5 Tips Shane has shared to help you launch a Successful Lead Box Program.

How to Create the Incentive and Closing Procedure

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This Article will help with understanding how to make your lead box offer more successful.
It is important to understand what a proper incentive is, how to create a simple effective raffle and when the sales process starts.

Marketing Tips

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Fundamental Marketing Tips

Fusion Marketing

Posted by Mark Bierotte on 10/25/2013 to Ballot Box
The New Way to Market in Your Community

Building your Brand

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Be unique when establishing your goals. It is important to be better than the previous business in your field, but you must also establish your own style. This is how you build your brand.

Getting Your Leads

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3 Great Promotions for getting more leads for your business

Placing Marketing Materials into Businesses

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What you can do is promote a Lead Box

The Low cost lead boxes!

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The Low cost lead box leader!