4 Ways to Hook Customers

Posted by Mark Bierotte on 6/4/2015 to Marketing Ideas
1. Ensure You Are Always On Their Mind

It helps if you are a licensee or a franchisee of a National Brand, but it is more important to make sure you splash your messaging throughout your BUILT ENVIRONMENT. In addition to TV, magazines and newspapers and the web, consider that large Fast Food Chains use, street billboards, sides of buses and tops of taxis, bus stops, it is hard not to see an ad from a fast food chain. You need to use this concept to market your business. 

Your Alternative: Since you most likely do not have the same budget as the large chains, be creative. Sponsor a community 5K and ask to hang a large banner over a major street intersection announcing the race with your logo prominently displayed. Place smaller yard and pole signs where you can get permission. Use a Lead Box or Take One Display in other businesses. In addition to generating leads, a lead box also acts as a mini-billboard sign that can be placed throughout businesses in your community. Place 25 boxes and you have 25 billboards advertising your business in your Built Environment. 


2. Create Names for Unique and Results Oriented Services and Products

Marketing studies show that descriptive titles of services and products increase the consumer's interest. In addition, you can use specific design elements such as, fancy fonts, colors and graphics to draw the eye toward your ads.

Don't just include in your services, personal training or chiropractic adjustment or self defense class or if soliciting donations, "donate to help abandoned pets"; Add some flare to these services. For example, personal training becomes, "1 on 1 Ultimate Personal Training", chiropractic adjustment becomes, "Body Care Treatment Package", and self defense class becomes, "No Fear Self Defense Class". Again, it is important to promote your descriptive services throughout your built environment.


3. Décor - Create a Place That Inspires Your Customer 

Once again, the décor of your building, both inside and out can make a difference in attracting and keeping customers. From your logo to the colors of your walls, consider what effect you want the consumer to have and research what colors will work best. Your environment should inspire your customer to want to come back. Did you know? 85% of shoppers place color as primary reason for why they buy a particular product.(taken from kissmetrics). Use: Yellow to be Optimistic and Youthful, Orange = Aggressive, Call to Action, Blue = Trust and Security, Black = Powerful and Sleek, Red = Urgency, Increases Heart Rate. 


At the same time, be strategic with where you place certain stations or areas to promote additional sales. If you have ever been to a Home Depot, notice near the checkout stands, they place beverage coolers. They understand that many of their customers could be working on a remodeling project and could be thirsty. This is strictly an impulsive purchase.  


4. Aroma- Use Smell to Help Create a Strong First Impression

Yes, Aroma. This is an inside marketing ploy to hook your customer during a visit to your place of business. We all know how important a good first impression is; use scents or oils to enhance the aroma, specifically to create a more inviting place to be. You have spent hard work and money to get customers into your business, once inside it would be a shame to lose them the minute they step into your door because of unpleasant smells.