Placing Marketing Materials into Businesses

Posted by Tiana Gamboa on 7/24/2012 to Ballot Box
Placing Marketing Materials into Businesses We got this idea from one of our customers who has had tremendous success. Use your clientele to help with putting lead boxes, post cards, guest passes, etc out into the business community. What you can do is promote a Lead Box or Take One Program at your business where the..Clients/Customer place the lead boxes for you So here's the breakdown of how it works: Offer a $25 credit toward any current client who places a lead box or Take One Display for you. We had a big stack of lead boxes where clients saw the promotion Clients/customers sign out for the boxes they were placing and put where they were, and the phone number for the manager or owner they worked with at the business (most of the time it was a direct friend of the client). This made it very handy to have this chart for our Sales Person to reference That's it. Pretty simple. Took, all of about 1 hour to do everything for this program. Not only is this a TON easier than driving around to different businesses on your own, but most the time the clients placed the boxes with either a personal friend or at least a warm acquaintance. Therefore, the business owners were a lot more receptive to the idea, gave better lead box placement, and were more likely to refer their customers toward the lead box. Follow Up Since your clients placed the boxes, you have the opportunity create a lead retrieval program. You can offer a continued discount toward their membership if they bring the leads back once a week. Assign a sales person 10-15 clients. THe clients bring the leads to your salesperson. Your salesperson follows up with each lead and keeps track of the lead boxes. You may find the rapport built with the client leads to more member referrals as well. Obviously, the key is in the sophistication of disbursement. The better your written documentation of everything, the easier and faster it is to follow up and track. Your clients may not have storefront business or a friend with one, but many will work in an office. This office will usually have break/lunch room. Let them know that these are great locations for a Lead Box or Take One. You may want to run this as 1-3 month promotion, but it may also lead to a corporate type account. Advertising and Marketing cost money. is here to help you profit more on your marketing efforts. The last thing you want to do is stop marketing. Lead Boxes, Door Hangers, Guest Passes, VIP Handout Cards, Post Cards, are all great ways to keep your business in the eyes of the consumer 2517 K St Apt 506 NW Washington DC 20037