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We have improved the quality of our stick on pens. Our pens make your box very presentable and professional. We combine all the important aspects: price, functionality, and appearance to make our best selling and most used item. Our Entry Pads are stocked in several focuses: Health & Fitness, Martial Arts, Chiropractic, General Purpose, General Purpose-Spanish/English, Health &  Clubs. Sharp Clear printing with black ink on white paper. 50 Sheets to a pad and double glued to a chipboard backing. We make sure these pads do not fall apart. We consider everything when putting together these  items for your lead generation boxes. Pens write in blue ink and pads are printed in black ink. This allows the most clarity when deciphering the hand writing.
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Health Club Form
General Purpose Entry Pad
Martial Arts Entry Form Pad
Custom Entry Pad
Health Fitness Simple Entry Pad
Suggestion Entry Pad
Chiropractic Entry Pad
Simple Entry Form
Member Referral  Entry Pad
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Solar Energy Registration Pad